Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day #21,592

Walk km 3797-3803: Thurlow/Pacific/Burrard bridge/Cornwall/Cypress/2nd/Bayswater/2nd/Blenheim/4th/Trutch/3rd/McDonald

south shore of False Creek
aprox km 3799 as seen from the Burrard bridge

Movie #1200 (#24 this year): Teen-Age Crime Wave(Fred F Sears, 1955)

This film and yesterday's "Girls On The Loose" were shown back-to-back on TCM. IMDB shows this as being much inferior to "Girls On The Loose" but don't you believe it. Teens are holed up in a farmhouse after a prison break. Molly McCart is excellent as the teenage JD. Tommy Cook is just annoying as her partner in crime. I thought Fred F Sears was just a hack - turns out he can really move the action along despite a less than stellar script.

Book #277 (#4 this year): Ashes(1990, Kenzo Kitakata)

No great shakes here. I enjoyed the first couple of chapters but then the character study continued to book length without a plot to bolster it.

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