Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day #21,591

Walk km 3786-3797: Dunbar/39th/Camosun/Marine/Salish/Kullahun/Salish/Sennock/Salish/Semana/Salish/Tamath/Salish/Tylahun/Salish/Marine/Wallace St/Wallace Cr/8th/Alma

bilingual street sign (English & hunquhminuhm)
aprox km 3788 Salish @ Kullahun

Movie #1199 (#23 this year): Girls On The Loose(1958, Paul Henreid)

This one is OK. Starts out kinda tame but picks up steam as it goes along. There is a fine selection of women's lingerie on display and the obligatory catfight at the end. Leading lady Mara Corday may not be another Allison Hayes but she ain't far behind.

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  1. What is hunquhminuhm? If Google doesn't know it, it doesn't exist.