Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day #21,566

Walk km 3561-3567: Smithe/Mainland/(skytrain)/Broadway/Columbus/3rd/Main/Keefer/Gore/Pender/(bus)/Alberni/Bute/Robson

a store
aprox km 3565 Keefer Street

Today's Tune: Truckload Of Art

Now, I was thinking that a 1979 song from Terry Allen must be from early in his career. That's what I thought until I saw this video on YouTube of him from 1965! I thought Lubbock Texas was Buddy Holly in the 50s and then nothing til The Flatlanders first release in 1972. I guess this explains why Lubbock's 4th major singer/songwriter of the 70s wasn't in the Flatlanders: he was just too darn old!
Equally amazing is the second song on this video: it's Canada's obscure "The Great Scots" doing a song that I had up on Hearing Double because a Japanese group called the Carnabeats had covered it. I love how those groups of the 60s could play electric guitars without amplifiers! That Shindig must have been quite a show.

Here's another version that cannot be downloaded but can be "shared".
Truckload Of ARt by Dylan | iCompositions - Music

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Movie #1177 (#5 this year): Deadline At Dawn(1946, Harold Clurman)

The only movie ever directed by Harold Clurman (theatre director). I thought I'd read the Cornell Woolrich novel that this is based on but now I'm not sure. They must have really changed the story around.
Basic low-life New York characters but they all talk like was a bunch of philosophers! Includes the nicest murderer you'd ever wanna meet. The contrast between the characters (a bookie, taxi cab driver, dime-a-dance girl, sailor on leave, blackmailer, blind musician) and what comes out of their mouths make this one entertaining from start to finish.

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