Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day #21,567

Walk km 3567-3579: Robson/Denman/Stanley Park seawall/Denman/(bus)/Robson

"laughing man"
aprox km 3577 near Denman @ Davie

Movie #1178 (#6 this year): Play Girl (1932, Ray Enright)

Useless photoplay and a director that only knows how to point a camera. What's left? About 70 minutes of Loretta Young. So it ain't all bad.
The guy who posted this picture of Ms Young claims it's from this movie. Unless they cut this scene from the print I saw, it ain't.

Movie #1179 (#7 this year): She Had To Say Yes (1933, Busby Berkely & George Amy)

It's a Loretta Young double feature today and this is more like it. Corporation is using it's female employees as prostitutes in order to get orders from buyers. Loretta is used by one of the salesmen to pad his commissions while claiming he loves her. What a cad. The whole thing gets very complicated when she falls for one of the buyers. Both men are very concerned that she might be having sex with the buyers. But, the first guy was trying to get her to have sex with them! And the buyer only got worried when he found out that she'd tricked a fellow into signing a contract without having sex with him. So, he seemed to react in just the opposite way to what you would expect. I was confused.
This is all pretty risque even for a pre-code film.
Ms Young never looked better. And she can act too!

Today's Tune: Harlem Nocturne


  1. Awesome picture! I think it could have been improved a bit by including more of the statue on the left but I love it.

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