Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day #21,449

Walk km 5507-5509: running errands
Walk km 5509-5517 (15,932 to go): Arbutus/34th/Arbutus/35th/W Blvd/Arbutus/Angus/64th/Cambie

Movie #1373 (#188 this year): Telephone Operator(1937, Scott Pembroke)

I've certainly wandered well off the beaten track here as I explore the Monogram pictures of Judith Allen. This one was originally 70 minutes but there is only 52 minutes left on this print. I reckon someone took the scissors to it in order for it to fit into a 1 hour TV slot.
Judith Allen has a much better role here than in "Port Of Missing Girls". A real charmer. And the movie ain't bad either.

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