Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day #21,461

Walk km 5676-5678: to Safeway
Walk km 5678-5698: Thurlow/Burrard Pl/Howe/Cordoba/Water/Powell/Columbia/Quebec/seawalk to English Bay/seawall around Stanley Park/seawalk to Canada Place/Burrard Pl/Burrard/Cordova
Walk km 5698-5700 (15,761 to go): to the library

trees on a cliff
aprox km 5688 Stanley Park seawall

Book #332 (#34 this year): Every Bet's A Sure Thing (1953, Thomas B Dewey)

there is no picture of this book (or of Dewey) so here's another "Mac" book

Dewy's written a few stinkers in his time but when he feels like giving his best effort, not many are better. This is one of the good ones. "Mac" is hired by the International Detective Agency to tail a woman and her two children as they go by train from Chicago to Las Angeles. The people on the train ain't all that friendly but the folks in sunny California are pure evil.
This one's been out-of-print for 57 years so good luck finding a copy.

Movie #1385 (#200 this year): Mr Boggs Steps Out (Gordon Wiles,1938)

Helen Chandler (the poor man's Carole Lombard)

Another Wiles. Although this one has nothing in common with "Prison Train", it's just as enjoyable. Stuart Erwin is quite the dopey Mr Boggs and Helen Chandler is quite perky as the only employee of the local barrel company that he purchases using money he won in a bean counting contest. Yup, it's goofy.
Best hit of dialogue:
Erwin: "But I'm a man"
Chandler: "You just think you are because you own a pair of pants"

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