Friday, September 10, 2010

Day #21,450

Walk km 5517-5519: to Safeway
Walk km 5519-5523: to T&T Supermarket via seawalk along False Creek

Movie #1374 (#189 this year): Night Alarm(1934, Spencer Gordon Bennet)

Judith Allen and an x-ray of her back (from Modern Mechanix magazine, 1933)

and the front of her didn't look too bad either (Judith Allen with Bruce Cabot)

Yet another Judith Allen. This time she's over at Majestic Pictures. Did she ever make a movie for a real movie studio? Routine story of star reporter (Bruce Cabot) tracking down the big story. Allen is the co-worker and love interest. Of historical interest but not much else.

Movie #1375 (#190 this year): Hollywood & Vine(1945, Alexis Thurn-Taxis)

This is one perky movie. I'm gonna give the music of Marvin Hatley primary credit for that but director Thurn-Taxis may be due kudos as well. A giant step up from the usual dreary productions of PRC.

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