Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day #21,468

Walk km 5801-5805: Robson/Georgia/Cambie/Dunsmuir/Abbott/Pender/Cambie/Pacific/Davie

Olympic countdown clock stuck on zero
aprox km 5804 Georgia Street

Movie #1393 (#205 this year): Un Monde Presque Paisible(2002, Michel Deville)

This movie is almost identical to Caramel from a few nights ago. Both movies are ensemble pieces where the common thread is that all characters work in the same shop. In Caramel it was a beauty parlour and here it's a tailor shop.
I'm not too crazy about either movie because there is no plot. However, in this movie the characters are much more life-like so I was able to generate enough interest in their day-to-day activities to make watching enjoyable.

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