Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day #21,454

Walk km 5559-5566: to Yaletown Station/(skytrain & bus)/49th/Wales/50th/Vivian/51st/Doman/52nd/Toderick/53rd/Tyne/54th/Doman/Mount Royal Sq./54th/Lancaster/49th
Walk km 5566-5568: to Safeway

Movie #1378 (#193 this year): Forever(2006, Heddy Honigmann)

Documentary about people visiting the grave of famous artists in Paris. Some of the episodes look natural but some look faked. A real hogdepodge.

Movie #1379 (#194 this year): Le Role De Sa Vie(Francois Favrat, 2004)

Is this a remake of "The Apartment"? Remember Jack Lemmon as the spineless doormat who helps his boss carry on an affair with the woman he (Lemmon) loves? Here we have Karin Viard pretty much acting the same way in the same situation. Except now I like this character - I hated the Lemmon character. Am I sexist? Maybe.

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