Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day #21,469

Walk km 5805-5810: Meetup group walk around 20th & Main
Walk km 5810-5823: Meetup group walk from Science World to Kitsilano Beach & return

their favourite Beatles record?
their favourite Jam record?
their favourite Larry Williams record?
aprox km 5807 around 20th Ave

Movie #1395 (#206 this year): The Man Inside (John Gilling, 1958)

Detective hops across Europe in pursuit of a jewel thief. Interesting in that this is a black&white Cinemascope picture. The movie is played strickly for laughs. Produced by Albert Broccoli who a few years later produced another picture where he brought the same "just for laughs" approach to the spy yarn and launched James Bond.
This movie is available on the "Crackle" website which is owned by Sony. They have quite a few free movies on that sight. The catch: you have to put up with a few commercials. However, they come on one at a time and only last 30 seconds. A small price to pay considering the picture quality is better than TCM.

Movie #1396 (#207 this year): Crazy Joe (Carlo Lizzani, 1974)

Mafia pic with Peter "Everybody Loves Raymond" Boyle in the title character. Lotsa fun with Peter, Eli Wallach, Rip Torn and Fred Williamson as they murder their way to the top.
And just to make it authentic, they bring in a director from the old country!
This is another movie from Crackle.

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