Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day #21,451

NOTE: camera USB cable has gone AWOL - won't be able to update photos til it returns

Walk km 5523-5530 (15,921 to go):

Movie #1376 (#191 this year): Escapade In Japan(1957, Arthur Lubin)

Appears to be some sort of goodwill movie between the USA and Japan. Half drama of an American boy lost in Japan and half travelogue. The travelogue part was OK because it showed the sights of Kyoto and Nara and I could compare how I remember those places to what they looked like in 1957. The drama part was horrid. I'm afraid the little boy could not act and the reason behind the plot was all too obvious.
Poor Arthur Lubin: from top of the world with Impact (1949) to this and then hitting bottom in 1966 when he had to direct Herman's Hermits in "Hold On".
The reason that TCM showed this one: 5 seconds of screen time for Clint Eastwood.

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