Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day #21,470

Walk km 5823-5835: to and around Stanley Park

Lost Lagoon
aprox km 5833 Stanley Park

Movie #1397 (#208 this year): Cisco Pike(1972, B L Norton)

This one was pretty crappy. But it was kinda nostalgic. It has Kris Kristofferson as the title character, Karen Black as his love interest, and Harry Dean Stanton as his partner. Viva, Antonio Fargas and Doug Sahm are in there too. This is the kind of picture I'd go to the movies to see in my late teens. Not sure how I missed this one at the time. It's groovy. Groovy crap.

Movie #1398 (#209 this year): Buchanan Rides Alone(1958,Budd Boetticher)

I thought I'd seen all the Scott/Boetticher westerns. Thanks to Crackle I've filled in another missing piece of the puzzle. As usual, a superior western from this team as Scott rides into a town that's owned lock stock and barrel by the Agry family. Trouble ensues.

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