Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day #21,456

Walk km 5589-5595: Burrard/Georgia/Howe/Pender/(bus)/35th/Colloden/45th/Commercial/47th/Gladstone/47th/Nanaimo/49th/Wales/51st/Dawson
Walk km 5595-5602 (15,854 to go): to Stadium Station/(skytrain)/Commercial/5th/Garden/Venables/Clark/Powell

Movie #1381 (#196 this year): Souvenirs Intimes(1999, Jean Beaudin)

A likely story. A teenage girl who is raped by 5 boys plots revenge. But she waits 20 years. Why? She plots revenge on only two of them. Why? Dunno. Doesn't make much sense.
However, the plot is interesting if not very plausible. And we get to see Pascale Bussieres at work. That's enough to give it a passing grade.

Book #312 (#33 this year): Kill Him Twice (1965, Richard S Prather)

This is a book I picked up in an antique store in Winnipeg. This is one of the Shell Scott series and the cover proclaims "over 40,000,000 Shell Scott books sold". I guess that guarantees that it won't be a classic. What we have here is about 1/3 hard-boiled detective story and 2/3 comedy. Prather isn't a good enough writer to make the detective story interesting so the plot is useless. And the comedy isn't much better. There are some clever word plays here and there but not nearly enough to make up for the time spent. At least I won't have to read another one.

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