Monday, September 13, 2010

Day #21,453

Walk km 5541-5553: Vanness/Moss/Dundee/40th/Earles/41st/Wales/48th/Elliott/49th/Wales/56th/Kempton/56th/Ashburn/Upland/Prestwick/Jasper/61st/Manitoba/62nd/Cambie/(skytrain)/Georgia/Burrard/Robson
Walk km 5553-5559 (15,894 to go): to Stadium Station/(sktrain)/Commercial/6th/Woodland/3rd/McLean/Grandview/Clark/Terminal/Columbia/walking path/Terminal

Movie #1377 (#192 this year): The Border(1982, Tony Richardson)

Not too crazy about this one. Not too sure why. I guess it was kind of predictable. Once Charlie goes to El Paso/Juarez you know he's gonna be in over his head. No suprises. A bunch of cookie cutter characters.

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