Monday, January 3, 2011

Day #21,565

Movie #1531: Mystery Street (1950, John Sturges)

Police procedural with some nice touches.Ricardo Montalban cracks the case but he must watch out for that Latin blood of his as it may make him too emotional: he may arrest the wrong man!

Movie #1532: Hardbodies (1984, Mark Griffiths)

Remember the 80s? Sure, back then I had cable TV with a movie channel that had lots of movies like this. Movies about airheads by airheads for airheads.
Of course, there was plenty of mindless entertainment in every era. But was there ever anytime with uglier hair-dos? With more gawdawful music? Nope. The 80s were unique.
One strange thing: leading man "Grant Cramer" looks and acts just like a male Ellen Degeneres. Weird.

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