Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day #21,589

Walk km 6415-6423 (15,166 to go): Granville/40th/Somerset/Avondale/Connaught/36th/Granville/35th/Connaught/34th/Granville/33rd/34th/35th/36th/33rd/Cartier/Hudson/Selkirk/Laurier/Cartier/Matthews/Hudson/The Crescent/Angus/Granville

Song #36,438: A Hard Day's Night (1966, Chet Atkins)

The summer of 1967 was not a good one. Instead of just lounging around and goofing off (which I was very good at - still am!) I had to go out and help a farmer with his haying.
In the house there were a few LP records lying around that I never got to hear. One was "Chet Atkins Picks On The Beatles" - that one looked interesting. Well, 44 years later, I finally get to hear what that record sounded like.

Movie #1558: Parking (2008, Mong-Hong Chung)

A series of stories about the people who live on one block in Taipei. The stories are held together by one character who cannot leave because his car keeps being blocked in by someone who is double parked. Well exectuted stories but the links between them are quite improbable.

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