Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day #21,567

Movie #1535 They Won't Forget(1937, Mervyn LeRoy)

I do love a murder trial movie. This one's a dilly. The main plus for this one is that there is no "whodunit". There's a trial and people talk about how he must be guilty (thus making the viewer think that he must be innocent) but the guilty party is never revealed. Just when you expect a big revelation and everyone to hang their head in shame, we get "The End" instead.
One drawback is some goofy acting. Claude Rains (who is one of the best) does a poor job in this one.

Yes, I do listen to stuff recorded after 1975. Sometime I listen to contemporary music (made by people who only listen to stuff recorded before 1975!)

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  1. Thank you for restoring my faith in your musical taste. All of these are way, way better than the best of the last list of songs you posted. I even had to download an mp3 of the She and Him song for my own collection.