Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day #21,568

Movie #1538: Below The Deadline (1936, Charles Lamont)

It's a Charles Lamont double feature today. Unfortunately, there were no race horses in this one. Once again, I watched this on Openflix but it played real smooth. I think that had something to do with watching it late at night.

Movie #1537: Paula (1952, Rudolph MatĂȘ)

It's a weeper. Loretta Young is just wringing her hands from beginning to end (right up to the heartwarming conclusion). Normally, this wouldn't be worth watching but..... this is Loretta Young we're talking about. Forget Barbara Billingsly, Loretta was the epitome of the 50s middle-class suburban housewife.

Movie #1536: Long Shot (1939, Charles Lamont)

Oh, the movie was OK - it was about horse racing.
The interesting thing was I watched on Openflix. I've never seen one of those "public domain" movies in better condition. This was an excellent print. I'm thinking that Internet Archives keeps their prints in bad shape on purpose. You see, the Openflix copy is jumpy probably due to "bandwidth" problems or some such. So, with Openflix you get a good jumpy picture or with Internet Archives you get a smooth crappy picture. Your choice.

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