Friday, January 14, 2011

Day #21,576

Walk km 6371-6373: running errands

Movie #1548: Westbound (1959, Budd Boetticher)

One of the lesser Boetticher/Scott westerns. It's a standard bad guys vs good guys tale clocking in at only 68 minutes. One bonus: gorgeous scenery shot in WarnerColor. One drawback: gorgeous scenery of Hollywood actresses (Karen Steele is first shown plowing the back forty but she looks just like she just got back from the beauty parlour).

Movie #1547: 99 River Street (1953, Phil Karlson)

Superior noir. Not a big fan of leading man John Payne but otherwise this is top notch. The scene with Evelyn Keyes and Brad Dexter is worth the price of admission all by itself.

Song #36,286: Freedom Of Expression (1971, J.B. Pickers)
The movie "Vanishing Point" may be one of the all-time greats but the music sure sucked. Well, all of it except "Freedom Of Expression" by the J. B. Pickers. This is the music that plays while we see the Challenger cruising along from Denver to Frisco with the cops in hot pursuit. Unfortunately, we don't know who the J.B. Pickers were. It was a name given to them because Jimmy Bowen (J.B.) was in charge of the music for the movie. But who were the musicians?

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