Monday, January 17, 2011

Day #21,579

Walk km 6381-6387: Smithe/Hornby/Nelson/Granville/Drake/Burrard/(bus)/McDonald/14th/Balsam/12th/Vine/Rosebud/Yew/Marstrand/Vine/10th/Balsam/1st/Larch/Point Grey

Movie #1551: Le Tueur (2007, Cedric Anger)

hit man and prostitute dance to Elvis Costello's "Allison" (my aim is true)

Hit man / victim cat and mouse game with the required plot twist. Like they say, time well wasted.
Some "new wave" tunes didn't really fit in with the tone of the film. I guess they were the director's favourites from his youth.

Song #36,316: Voodoo Op Haar Vacht (2010, Le Velo Vert)

It was back to the new releases page of eMusic for today's song. The first interesting release I spotted was by Tucker Zimmerman's Nightshift Trio. The 30 second teaser sounded kinda James McMurtryish but the full song was a little repetitive. Many another time.
So, I clicked on Zimmerman's record label (Parsifal) and looked at their new releases. There I found Le Velo Vert. They had a one song release called "Voodoo Op Haar Vacht". Nice sound. Catchy tune. And I can't complain about the lyrics because I don't understand the language (Flemish? Dutch?).
Le Velo Vert are from Belgium, formed in 2006 and are still around. If you like the tune, buy a few Le Velo Vert songs from eMusic and help out some working musicians.

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  1. I ernt over to eMusic to see what it would cost me to join and I was not able to find what I was looking for. I found a bunch of pricing options but none of them said how many songs you got for that price. They don't seem to want to attract new users very much with a site like that.