Friday, January 21, 2011

Day #21,583

Walk km 6409-6411: running errands
Walk km 6411-6415: Thurlow/Hastings/Bute/sea walk/Denman/(bus)/Robson/Thurlow/Alberni/Burrard

fake uprooted tree
aprox km 6412 Harbour Green Park

Movie #1556: The Man Who Cheated Himself (1948, Felix Feist)

Lee J Cobb is a San Francisco homicide detective with only one flaw. He likes dames. And the more coldblooded they are, they better he likes 'em. Then one day, one of his girlfriends commits murder and he decides to look the other way. Ooops, wrong decision.
Superior noir. Great storyline. Great San Francisco locations. Spiffy cars. Is there anything wrong with this movie? Nope.

Song #36,410 Bloss Nicht Dran Ruehren (2011, Uta Köbernick)

Hey, it's brand new: released today on eMusic.
Uta is from Berlin.
Is she the new Evelyn Kunneke?
Is she the new Hildegard Knef?
Is she the new Lotte Lenya?

1 comment:

  1. There was one thing wrong with TheMan Who Cheated himself... poor acting in lead female role. She was very unconvincing, especially at the beginning of the movie. On the positive side I really liked the guy playing the Jimmy Stewart role. Oh, the cars? I've never liked the looks of cars that cover the wheels, which was the case with both cars featured in this film.