Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day #21,575

Walk km 6366-6371: Burrard/Burrard bridge/Chestnut/Greer/Cypress/Creelman/Chestnut/McNicholl/Maple/McNicholl/Arbutus

a house
aprox km 6370 McNicholl Ave

Song #36,243: You're The Boy (1965, Shirley Nair & The Silver Strings)

The last two songs were from eMusic but there are other ways of building a music library. The cheapest is just to take internet videos and convert the audio to MP3. The site I use for this is The sound used to be quite crappy from this process but it has improved greatly over time.
In 2009, I was in Singapore and bought a 5-CD set of 100 Singapore songs of the 60s. One of the acts on that set was Shirley Nair & The Silver Strings. However, there are more tracks (not found on the box set) by Shirley Nair available on video. One of these is the very catchy "You're The Boy". This song could have been a hit anywhere in the world in the 60s without sounding out of place. Singapore may have been about as far from Swingin' England as you can get but they took a backseat to no one when it came to producing great beat records.
Update: I just found the Shirley Nair posting on Garage Hangover. There it shows that Shirley herself wrote this song.

Book #365: Blood On The Snow (2005, Jan Bondeson)

It seems that the Swedes have their own assassination conspiracy industry to match the American's Kennedy conspiracies.
In 1986 a man walked up to Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, shot him in the back and then ran away. He was never seen again.
This book goes through about a hundred theories as to whodunit. And there appears to have been a multitude of books before this one all of which had their own theories. And to make it complete this one finishes with a theory too.
It was a drunk. A man with a grudge. The Kurds. The South Africans. The police. The secret police. The CIA. You name 'em and somebody has pointed a finger at 'em.
This book? It was someone from that shady Bofors/India arms deal.

Movie #1546: Sunday Drive (1998, Hisashi Saito)

A lazy movie. All the characters sort of mope about. There are long takes of no action with just a little dialogue. Nice if you're in a lazy mood. Otherwise, nothing special.

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