Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day #21,591

Walk km 6423-6427: running errands

Movie #1561: Diary Of A Nudist (1961, Doris Wishman)

Plymouth Savoy: just one of the great lookin' cars in this movie!

Almost a documentary rather than fiction. There is an incredibly dumb plot but the real attraction here is seeing how much the communities ideas about nudity have changed in 50 years.
It seems that T&A were OK then but only for perverts in a "for adults only" theatre. Every member of the cast was issued either a newspaper or towel to cover that disgusting pubic hair. Even perverts weren't allowed to see that! Unfortunately, the movie never explains what made pubic hair so disgusting. Another thing that was OK 50 years ago was full frontal nudity.... of children. Adults: no but kids: OK. I think today it would be just the opposite, adult nudity would be OK but nude kids would be "kiddie porn". And the best thing about these ideas: they're all totally idiotic.... and so is this movie. A fun watch.

Song #36,442: Reach Out I'll Be There / Day Tripper (1967, Lee Moses)
When we last checked in with Lee Moses he was singin' up a storm on "I'm Sad About It". So what's he doin' releasing this two sided instrumental? Dunno, but sho' nuff do sound funky for 1967! I would assume this 45 is in heavy demand amongst those new funk bands of today looking for a little inspiration from yesteryear.

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