Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day #21,577

Walk km 6373-6376: to Army&Navy

Movie #1549: The Crooked Way (1949, Robert Florey)

There's one big problem with this movie: the plot is idiotic. John Payne is released from the armed forces with amnesia. He goes back to L.A. to try and find out who he was. So far so good. Right at the train station he meets someone who knows him. Does he ask this guy to fill him in? No. Why not? No reason. After awhile he finds out there are people who want the guy that he used to be dead. Does he run away as fast as he can? No. Why? They don't say. So, by the first 15 minutes you've lost all interest in the story because you realize that it's just plain stupid.
That said, this movie sure does look great. Kudos to Robert Florey? Nope. Even Robert Osborne (TCM host) heaps praise instead on cinematographer John Alton. IMDB always heaps praise on Alton but it's surprising to hear Osborne saying the same thing. Almost makes you lose your confidence in the auteur theory!
One more thing: Ellen Drew. Where's she been hiding?

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