Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day #21,580

Walk km 6387-6392: Robson/Georgia/Main/Hastings/Cordova/Howe/Hastings/Hornsby/Georgia/Burrard

Movie #1552: Gambling House (1950, Ted Tetzlaff)

You know what I was thinking about when I was watching this? I remember when I was a kid during summer vacation. Sometimes the local TV station would show a movie in the afternoon. I'd watch it and enjoy it even if the movie wasn't so great.
Those movies were just like this one. William Bendix and Victor Mature: not exactly box office giants but still stars. Black & white. People wearing hats. Cars driving around the city. It was another world. That world was called Hollywood.
Oh yes, there were some problems with this picture. It's kinda sappy and Terry Moore has no charisma at all. I wouldn't have noticed those problems when I was a kid and tonight I decided to ignore them too.

Song #36,349: Rampage (2001, The Whitefield Brothers)

eMusic may not have any of the big names in the music biz but they sure do have an amazing stable of funk bands. And funk doesn't get much rawer that The Whitefield Brothers and their album "In The Raw".
The Whitefield Brothers are really Jan & Max Weissenfeldt from Munich Germany. They have a new album out called "Earthology" which combines funk with various musical styles from around the world. That's fine but I figured I go with some of the raw funk because that can grab you right on that first listen.

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