Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day #21,581

Walk km 6392-6405: around Burnaby Lake with the Meetup group

Meetup group walkers
aprox km 6397 Burnaby Lake

Movie #1553: Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven (1948, William Castle)

Just a bland comedy up til the end. Did they really have "riding academies" back in the day? This one was kinda spooky. Grown men coming in day-after-day to ride a mechanical horse, elephant or camel. Really?
The interesting thing here is Lionel Stander. I've seen him do character parts in 1930s "A" pictures but here he's fallen to a character part in this "Z" picture. And yet by 1966 he's over in England making Cul-De-Sac for Roman Polanski. What happened? I'll have to ask IMDB.
IMDB update: Stander was a communist. They had already started banning him in the 40s and that's why he slipped from A to Z grade pictures. But his total ban in the 50s turned out for the best because he got better parts in Europe than he ever had in Hollywood.

Song #36,389: I Feel Strong (2010, The Way We Were In 1989)

This is getting to be kinda fun. Rummaging around in the eMusic new releases til I hear something interesting. Of course, the first thing I have to do is see something interesting. I'm assuming that cover art quality = sound quality. Most covers look like they must have taken about 30 seconds to create. Also, I can ignore obvious losers by content: covers with flowers, angels, clouds etc or self-portraits where the artist stares wistfully off into space.
This album cover was just a photo but one taken from above. And the guy in the picture is holding a banjo. Ah, banjo, that's a clue. So I listened to a few 30 second promos. Pretty interesting and "I Feel Strong" was the best.
The Way We Were In 1989 are Joy Dunay & Kelly Dale from Seattle. This song is from their first and only album.

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