Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day #21,523

Farewell Poker Tour tournament #16: HORSE ($1500, Rio)
The tournament that almost wasn't. All the non-holdem tournaments start at 5PM but just in case I had a look at my ticket to confirm. NOON! This was Friday morning and I was just getting ready to go back to bed! I went to the Internet to confirm that start time but I found a virus had disabled my laptop. Also, I had planned to do some shopping before 5 because one of my shoes had fallen apart the day before. So, I hopped on the bus to the Target store, bought a pair of shoes and then went straight on to the Rio. I got there just before they started.
Now, my brain doesn't work all that well with a good night's sleep so you can imagine how well it was running with only a partial night's sleep. I was out in only 6 hours (I thought last year was bad when I only lasted 8 hours). One more kick at the WSOP cat on Tuesday when it'll be stud hi/lo. And yes I've already looked at my ticket and it starts at 5.
My next tournament will be on Sunday when the Golden Nugget has a Stud Hi only.

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