Friday, June 17, 2011

Day #21,730

Walk km 7727-7735 (13,995 to go): Rancho/Meade/Penwood/Edmonds/Tara/Mohawk/Eldora/El Camino/Sahara

a couple of trees
approx km 7732 Eldora @ Westwind

flowers in the desert
approx km 7733 Eldora Ave

Movie #1706: Undertow (2004, David Gordon Green)

Thriller about some folks with family troubles. Plenty of talent went into this one. Not sure what it lacks but it's just not very compelling.

Movie #1707: Plunder Road (1957, Hubert Cornfield)

I may have hit the motherload. I've joined Netflix here in the States. I should have access to their whole catalogue until I cross back into Canada. The first was this Hubert "Night Of The Following Day" Cornfield B-flick about transporting stolen gold across country with roadblocks everywhere. Neat.

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