Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day #21,728

Walk km 7717-7721: running errands

Movie #1701: That Uncertain Feeling (1941, Ernst Lubitsch)

Fairly amusing screwball comedy. The "slapping" scene is especially silly.

Movie #1702: The Ugly American (1963, George Englund)

This one was interesting. It's a Vietnam War movie made before the real war started. As I watch, I wonder: which side will Hollywood be on? The wrong side of course. But wait: this isn't a John Wayne movie, it's a Marlon Brando movie. Anyway, Hollywood gets it all wrong. It turns out that the voice of reason is the puppet leader that the U.S. has propped up! Didn't see that coming. Loved the ending. Kept my interest throughout.
One problem with this one though will be its short shelf life. Because no background is supplied, as soon as people forget the Vietnam war, this movie will no longer be relevant.

Movie #1703: Blazing Stewardesses (1975, Al Adamson)

There are two things wrong with watching a movie made by people who have absolutely no talent. First, it's a crappy movie. Second, you feel sorry for the people who made it. In this one it's even worse. First, this thing is 95 minutes long. Huh? Why waste all that extra film stock. You only need to film 60 minutes to get your movie played. What did Al think he was making here: Gone With The Wind? Second, there were some old people in this who used to be somebodies. The worst example: the Ritz Brothers. These guys used to be bargain basement Marx Brothers in the 30s. In this, they are excruciatingly unfunny. It would make anyone cringe to have to look at them. I hope they died of old age before they saw themselves in this one.

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