Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day #21,739

Walk km 7792-7797: to T&T and Safeway
Walk km 7797-7801 (13,937 to go): Commercial/3rd/Cotton/Gravely/Clark/Charles/Clark/William/Parker/Venables/Glen/Georgia/Vernon/Frances/Clark

Book #383: Murder Must Advertise (1933, Dorothy L Sayers)

I goofed. I was in the Salvation Army looking for reading material for my upcoming vacation. There I confused Dorothy L Sayers with Dorothy B Hughes. A reasonable mistake since they're both named Dorothy, both use their middle initial, both write crime novels and I'm quite old.
But, what the heck, I'll read it anyway: it might be good. That would be my second mistake. The type of crime novel this is is a whodunit. Whodunits are totally useless. Not only was this a whodunit but it was a 388 page whodunit. I was 3 weeks in Vegas (with 100+ temperatures outside) and I still couldn't finish it.
Actually it's not badly written (certainly better than Agatha Christie) and she does have a wonderful vocabulary. But it is a whodunit.

Movie #1732: Strangers With Candy (2005, Paul Dinello)

Looks like I've already hit bottom with Netflix Canada.

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