Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day #21,732

Walk km 7749-7754: to the laundromat

Movie #1712: Edge Of Fury (1953, Gurney & Lerner)

Psychological thriller made on a shoestring budget. And they don't attempt anything easy either. The lead character's condition is relayed by all kinds of small quirks that he has until we realize just how sick he is. Of course we realize this before the other characters in the movie do so we have a rooting interest in the safety of Richard's "friends". An excellent attempt that maybe isn't totally successful but is much better than one should expect from a no-name cast and crew.

Movie #1713: Juvenile Jungle (1958, William Witney)

Netflix screwed up with this one. This is a 1.85/1 ratio movie but they chopped off the ends of the picture to make it "full screen". However, I can't complain too much since it was free.
Witney does it again. Not sure how he does it but so far all of his movies have been great without there being any obvious reason. Quentin Tarantino is a big fan so I'm sure his reasons can be found on the web somewhere.
This one has a gang of juveniles (looking a little old for the part) scheming to kidnap the daughter of the owner of the local drug store. Everyone is in fine form and the action just rolls right along.

Movie #1715: Santa Fe Passage (1955, William Witney)

We continue with the William Witney/Netflix movie festival. However, with this one I have a problem. Most of the characters in this movie are racists. John Payne is racist as concerns Indians. The half-breed is a racist against half-breeds and the Indians are racist against Indians. Sees pretty one-sided to me.
Sure is a pretty movie though (gorgeous colour).

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