Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day #21,734

Walk km 7766-7775: Kings/Merritt/Richfield/Alcoa/Rye/Sahara/San Bernardino/Arville/Sahara/Arville/Tara/Valley View/Sirius/Rigel/Mead/Rancho

a Rolls-Royce
approx km 7773 Rigel Street

Movie #1717: Sis Hopkins (1941, Joseph Santley)

This is the second Judy Canova vehicle I've seen and although it's an improvement over the first, it's still no great shakes. The problem is they just don't dare to let Judy loose. Some of her numbers are just by-the-numbers crooning. Speaking of crooning, Bob (brother of Bing) Crosby is on board to also sing a few lacklustre numbers. However, his band does throw in a few excellent swing numbers.
I wonder if there are any good Canova films out there?

Movie #1718: The Fearmakers (1958, Jacques Tourneur)

Dana Andrews on a plane with a commie (all commies in this picture are ugly and have bad manners)

This was certainly interesting. Dana Andrews has a scoop: lobbyists in Washington are using phony organizations who distort the facts to swing public opinion in their favour for their own nefarious purposes. Pretty old hat today but maybe a revelation in 1958. But now for the big surprise: it's the commies that are behind all this! Gee, imagine that: today it's the extreme right but then it was the extreme left. How times have changed. And this movie drags out all the cliches about patriotism to seal the deal (final fist fight with the head commie takes place before the statue of Abraham Lincoln). Disgusting propaganda.

Movie #1719: The Naked Street (1955, Maxwell Shane)

My kinda movie. Anthony Quinn is head of organized crime in New York but has a soft spot for his family. Family troubles cause his downfall. It's a noir!

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