Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day #21,735

Walk km 7775-7782: Rancho/Sahara/Highland/Red Oak/Highland/Edna/Westwood/Capelle/Highland/Desert Inn/Industrial/Sahara/Rancho

approx km 7777 Treasure's Gentleman's Club

Movie #1720: Deadhead Miles (1972, Vernon Zimmerman)

A nice change of pace from this long line of 50s b&w films I've been watching. This is one of those jibberish movies that Hollywood made in the late 60s/early 70s. Hollywood knew the youth market wasn't interested in surf and hot rods anymore. They were into mind expanding experiences. This one combined that concept with a truck drivin' movie complete with an authentic Dave Dudley soundtrack. Way ahead of it's time.
Alan Arkin stars and keeps up a steady stream of jibberish from start to finish. Excellent.

Movie #1721: Lure Of The Swamp (1957, Hubert Cornfield)

Even Netflix screwing around with the aspect ratio couldn't ruin this one. "simple" Simon makes a modest living as a guide in the swamp. Then one day, criminals begin popping up everywhere he turns looking for that $290,000 from a Miami bank robbery that's hidden in the swamp. Simon can't resist taking a grab for it too. This was Cornfields first and probably best movie (although IMDB rates it only 48).

Movie #1722: Private Hell 36 (1954, Don Siegel)

Hmmmm.... not really as good as IMDB's 68 rating would have one think. Couple of cops decide to go dirty and of course that causes everything to go haywire. I like the style but I don't see that this one is anything special.

Movie #1723: Young And Wild (1958, William Witney)

This is the other JD movie by Witney available on Netflix. Once again Witney has hit another home run despite Netflix screwing around with the aspect ratio. One of the main differences with these two Witneys is that the punks are just punks - no sob story about it's their parents'/societies' fault.
Also, this one has a plot hole that you could drive a whole herd of trucks through but it still didn't matter: it was still exciting. Tarantino was right.

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