Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day #21,715

Walk km 7597-7601 (14,114 to go): running errands

Movie #1696: Inner Sanctum (1948, Lew Landers)

"you're very pretty, when your lips aren't movin'"

Grade Z movie about a murderer standed in a small town. Ruined by too many comedy routines. Quite impressed by Mary Beth Hughes. Her character kinda goes for the murderer but she does have her limits - she won't go along with murdering children. Best line: murderer to Mary Beth "you're very pretty, when your lips aren't movin".

Movie #1695: Ne Le Dis A Personne (2006, Guillaume Canet)

the French "Dustin Hoffman"

A reasonably thrilling thriller until the end. Then it's endless tying up of loose ends that causes the movie to lose all momentum. The first 80% was OK.
Lead actor Francois Cluzet sure does look (and act) like Dustin Hoffman.

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