Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day #21,731

Walk km 7735-7743 (13,988 to go): Kings/Merritt/Rye/Sahara/Bronco/Laredo/Tenaya
Walk km 7743-7749 (13,982 to go): Eastern/Exley/Burnham/St Louis/Maryland/Sahara

a sidewalk for drunks?
approx km 7742 Laredo Street

Movie #1708: Confidence Girl (1952, Andrew L Stone)

Definitely a lesser Stone. It was "written, produced and directed" by Stone so he can't blame anyone else. Lightweight account of scam artists at work. The picking of Tom Conway (debonair lead of many '40s whodunits) as his lead actor was probably his first mistake.

Movie #1709: Pressure Point (1962, Hubert Cornfield)

the tic tac toe scene

I had quite a bit of trouble with "Confidence Girl" (picture breakup and freezing) but this one was better. A pleasure to watch mostly due to the performances of Poitier and Darin. The psychology seemed a little shaky (but then, what do I know?).

Movie #1710: The Girls On The Beach (1965, William Witney)

This one had to be embarrassing for The Beach Boys. A Beach Boys movie where the whole plot concerns all the kids on the beach being crazy about the Beatles. Ouch!
However, I really enjoyed it but I'm not sure why. It's the same inane plot as all the other teen movies of the 60s. Just a quick knock off to cash in on the current trends of the day (although by '65 the beach was kinda old hat). Lesley Gore did sing three songs. There was Brian Wilson singing "The Lonely Sea" by a bonfire on the beach. Lotsa girls in bikinis. I guess that was enough for me.
Also, I used to have a 6-sheet poster of this movie on my wall. I didn't think I'd ever get to see it. Thanks Netflix.

Movie #1711: Hot Cars (1956, Don MacDougall)

Just another enjoyable 50s B-flick until that doozie of a roller coaster ending. And that Joi Lansing.............she's a regular Alison Hayes.

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