Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day #21,729

Walk km 7721-7727: to Big Lots on Decatur

an Oldsmobile
approx km 7723 El Camino ave

Movie #1704: Burn After Reading (2008, Coen brothers)

See, even the characters in the movie thought the film was pretty funny

I thought this was supposed to be a stinker. I just bought a copy because it's the Coen brothers. It's got a 7.2/10 on IMDB so people seem to like it.
Frances McDormand and Brad Pitt come across a CD with what looks like highly classified CIA information on it. They are not too bright so blackmail is their first thought. That sets the ball rolling with everybody acting dumber and dumber as the plot thickens. It's a hoot. Not as good as "The Big Lebowski" because it doesn't have a likable central character but pretty darn funny nevertheless.

Movie #1705: Shaft (1971, Gordon Parks)

Not much to speak of. Remembered more because it started the blacksploitation genre than because of the quality of the picture. Standard TV type production values and Richard Roundtree doesn't really have the ability to project that "mean mother" persona required for this role.

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