Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day #21,805-6

Walk km 8445-8446: to the car rental office
Walk km 8446-8447: from the car rental office

Movie #1793: Zero Hour! (1957, Hall Bartlett)

This is one of the strangest movies! It's very bad. The acting and dialogue are both terrible. But, you can't keep your eyes off it. It helps if you've seen the comedy "Airplane!" which was based on this movie.
It was very goofy at the beginning but I thought once Sterling Hayden entered the picture that it would settle down. However, it turns out that Sterling was an even bigger ham than the rest of the cast!

Movie #1794: Sabotage (1936, Alfred Hitchcock)

Minor league Hitchcock us bad guy terrorist tries to set off a bomb in London. Nothing special.

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