Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day #21,823

Walk km 8584-8593: Queens @ St Johns (Port Moody) to Guilford @ Pinetree (Coquitlam)

tree stump and bridge
approx km 8586 Shoreline Park (Port Moody)

Movie #1819: The Story Of Temple Drake (1933, Stephen Roberts)

They say that this was the last straw: the straw that caused Hollywood to introduce the Hayes Code. This is the film of William Faukner's "Sanctuary". Mariam Hopkins finally has to pay for playing fast and loose with all the men of Dixon, Mississippi.
A fun movie but it ain't exactly "Mudhoney". However, I guess in 1933 this sort of thing was quite scandalous.

Movie #1820: Des gens sans importance(1956, Henri Verneuil)

Beautifully made film. However, the plot leaves one cold. All the characters are flawed so there is no one to cheer for. It's a slice of life that tastes like cold pizza.

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