Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day #21,820

Walk km 8550-8552: running errands
Walk km 8552-8563: Stanley Park with the Meetup group

Movie #1812: Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden (2008, Morgan Spurlock)

Comic documentary maker sets of to find Osama? Not really. He sets off to the middle east to talk to people about terrorism. Interestingly, he does admit that one of Osama's two reasons for attacking the USA is legit: the USA has repeatedly supported world leaders who suppressed their own people as long as they were pro-USA. As for the other reason, he talks to regular Muslims to show that they are just like everyone else. And on top of all that, he supersizes the whole think with an extra helping of comedy.
I was entertained.

Movie #1813: Decoy (1946, Jack Bernhard)

It looks like we've found a long lost Hollywood director who ranks up there with the best. Jack Bernhard has created quite a movie here. Endless crosses and doublecrosses as everyone fights over the loot from that bank job that's buried out in the bush. Great visuals, spiffy dialogue and mighty weird to boot.

Movie #1814: Crime Wave (1954,Andre DeToth)

And I thought that last one was good. This is about as good as a crime caper movie can get. The whole thing looks real - like they shot this right on the streets of L.A. instead of some back lot. You got Sterling Hayden with his toothpick. Hard as nails Charles Bronson. Everybody's favourite psycho, Timothy Carey. Ted De Corsia looking just like Bill O'Reily. Lots of good stuff from director Andre DeToth especially a couple of dark to light/light to dark sequences. Fabulous.

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