Friday, September 9, 2011

Day #21,814

Walk km 8479-8490: Dempsey @ Lynn Valley to Phibbs Exchange via Lynn Canyon Park

Movie #1802: La Tete En Friche (2010, Jean Becker)

An old fat slob (Gerard Deperdieu!) finds love all around him. Sappy. Very sappy.

Movie #1803: The Last Supper (1995, Stacy Title)

What is it? A drama or a black comedy? Well, it's a little of each and although the drama part was kind of predictable, I enjoyed the black comedy part.
One thing quite annoying about this and most modern movies: song placements. Why do they all-of-a-sudden have to start some song playing over top of the action for no reason except to make a few bucks for the record companies? Oh, I guess I've answered my own question.

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