Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day #21,830

Walk km 8661-8664: running errands

Movie #1831: Bird Now (1987, Marc Huraux)

Documentary about Charlie Parker. A real mess. When they interview someone they don't say who it is. When they have a musical clip they don't say who it is. In between there are these long stretches of film showing New York in 1987 (Charlie Parker died in 1955). A real mess.


  1. Hi!! Sorry for my english (I'm French) but my father did this movie! I think that you did not understand because you did not try cause it's not a mess! He have an artistic vision. All the people who have seen this movie find it beautiful...

    This is not because it's my father but he's got a real BIG TALENT! So sorry about that the movie is really old, and he was quite young when he make it..

  2. Hi Lena. Sorry for the bad review. Obviously your father knew the music and story of Charlie Parker very well. That must be why he does not identify the people speaking or playing - he would assume that everyone would know who these people are. This is probably a good movie for those who already know the story of Charlie Parker. For me, because I don't but wanted to learn, it wasn't. Sorry.