Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day #21,816

Walk km 8502-8517 (13,299 to go): 64th Ave to Annacis Island via Watershed Park and Burns Bog

Meetup group
approx km 8507 Watershed Park

Movie #1805: Play It Again Sam (Herbert Ross, 1972)

Not funny. I guess in 1972 the Woody Allen persona was new enough to make this seem fresh but now it's yesterday's news. We've all seen this sort of thing done many times over and better with Woody directing.

1000 Degrees Of Musical Separation: #49 - Four Strong Winds
Composed by Ian Tyson (1963). First recording: Brothers Four (1963)
Version #1: Neil Young (Toronto, Canada)
Version #2: The Seekers (Melbourne, Australia) on the A World Of Our Own LP 1965

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