Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day #21,807-8

Walk km 8447-8451: Running errands
Walk km 8451-8454: Running errands
Walk km 8454-8455: Running errands

Movie #1795: It Happened To Jane (1959, Richard Quine)

Doris Day & Jack Lemmon take on capitalism. All seems lost until Jack rallies the proletariat at a town hall meeting and convinces them to stand up to big business.
A very wholesome movie. I kinda like Richard Quine's style. Enjoyable.

Book #391: Under The Banner Of Heaven (2003, Jon Krakauer)

An epic picture of human stupidity. What makes it most compelling is in the way it is told. Instead of driving the point home by reiterating how stupid this stuff is, Krakauer keeps his distance and tells his story without shouting out what is obvious to the reader. The reader may have a hard time figuring out how to take this: "I glad I'm not like that" and "how horrible it must be for people to be caught up in that" kind of keep pulling you in two directions at once.
p.s.: thanks to Jenn Miori who sang a couple of songs in my "1000 musical degrees of separation" - it turns out she's on Goodreads and recommended this book.

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