Friday, September 16, 2011

Day #21,821

Walk km 8563-8574 (13,247 to go): Hastings @ Inlet (Burnaby) to St Johns @ Queen (Port Moody)

North Cliff at Northcliffe
approx km 8565 Burnaby

Movie #1815: Mr. Thank You (1936, Hiroshi Shimizu)

Japanese road trip movie as we go along with our driver (Mr Thank You) as he travels along the rural roads picking up all sorts of characters.
Like "Crime Wave" yesterday, one of the stars of this movie is the locale: instead of 1954 Los Angeles, this time it's 1936 Japan.

Movie #1816: The Bothersome Man (2006, Jens Lien)

Quite a run of good movies I'm having. In this Norwegian film a guy commits suicide and arrives in heaven. He finds heaven awfully boring so he decides to try and escape. So, it's like one of those prison escape pictures where they try and tunnel out except here we're not really sure where the tunnel leads. If you dig a tunnel out of heaven, where do you end up?

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