Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day #21,829

Walk 8650-8661 (13,168 to go): Cleveland Dam to Dundarave with the Meetup group

Kathy & Dave from the Meetup group
approx km 8653 Baden-Powell Trail (West Vancouver)

Movie #1830: Je Me Souviens (2009, Andre Forcier)

Too bad the DVD shut down with just 10 minutes left in the movie. So, I watched the first 80 minutes last night and then decided to try my laptop this morning. Voila! That worked. Unfortunately, it did kind of ruin the continuity of the film.
It appears that Forcier hasn't lost it since his kooky "L'eau Chaude L'eau Frette" from 1976. This one is also chock full of goofy characters and unexpected plot twists.

Television episode #10: Play For Today - Abigail's Party (1977, Mike Leigh)

Great collection of obnoxious characters and poor "Sue" who has to put up with them.

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