Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day #21,822

Walk km 8574-8584 (13,238 to go): Lynn Canyon Park with the Meetup group

Meetup walkers
approx km 8579 Lynn Canyon Park

Movie #1817: Employee's Entrance (1933,Roy Del Ruth)

Another early Loretta Young. This one starts out as a straight anti-capitalism rant but by movie's end the tone has softened. Seems that capitalism is fine for some (if you have the stomach for it) but others need to opt out.
In the end, cold blooded boss Warren William continues his ruthless ways but Loretta and Wallace Ford decide they're just not cut out for that kind of dog-eat-dog life and so they drop out and start their life anew.
And it's all done quite entertainingly. Thumbs up.

Movie #1818: Une petite zone de turbulences (2009, Alfred Lot)

It's old-timers Michel Blanc and Miou-Miou in a new Netflix release. Michel plays his usual crazy person role. Miou-Miou is edging toward 60 but still looks great. Fun.

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