Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day #21,825

Walk km 8603-8621 (13,204 to go): Circle Vancouver walk: Pitt Meadows to Coquitlam

a giant bee
approx km 8619 at the entrance to Coquitlam Park

Book #392: Where Men Win Glory (2009, Jon Krakauer)

Not nearly as good as Jon's previous book (Under The Banner Of Heaven). That one was about the depth of human stupidity. This one is about human self-preservation: the willingness to do whatever need be in order to benefit yourself. Unfortunately, that trait is pretty easy to see at work everywhere (even in oneself if we're willing to shine a light there). And where he finds it is in the United States military and in politicians. Those would definitely be two places where you would expect it to be rampant.
Also, the book has a wasted first half. That part is mainly the biography of professional football player turned army recruit Pat Tillman. Mr Tillman's life may be of some interest to sports fans but it was his death that makes compelling reading. However, the fact that the politicians used his death to curry favor with the public and the military tried to hide the fact that he was killed by his fellow soldiers is exactly how you would expect these people to act. It's pretty sad but it's certainly not surprising.

Movie #1826: Underworld (1927, Josef Von Sternberg)

This movie has one big handicap: it's silent. When compared to other silents I'm sure it's one of the best but it still has that significant handicap when compared to the talkies. Beautiful but silent.

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