Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day #21,972

Walk km 9863-9865: running errands
Walk km 9865-9871: every block: 63rd Avenue

Book #409: Paper Lion (George Plimpton, 1965)

not a Lion, Amarillo Slim

a real Lion, Night Train Lane (maybe I shoulda read this book instead)

Picked this one up at the library on a whim. True story of a writer who joins the Detroit Lions in training camp to let the fans know what it's like to be on a professional football team. Of course, the bigger question is why should they care - he doesn't get into that.
Nowadays, it's easy to rub shoulders with professionals in a sporting event: play poker. Personally, I've played against a few including Amarillo Slim. Was it exciting? Not much. After you recognize the other player (Amarillo Slim is easy to recognize because he was in the movie "California Split") as a professional you think it's kinda neat to be playing against him but then it's quickly back to the game.
Oooops, almost forgot, there is one piece of interesting info here. One of the Lions (Night Train Lane) was married to Dinah Washington at the time Plimpton was with the Lions. Night Train was Dinah's eighth and last husband. In the off hours of training camp, Night Train could be found in his room playing a big stack of his wife's records.

Movie #1959: The Leech Woman (1960, Edward Dein)

Gloria Talbott (the one on the right)

Hard to tell if this was any good: the sound and picture were out-of-sync by 2 minutes! But I just had to watch since it's directed by Edward "Shack Out On 101" Dein and co-stars Gloria "I Married A Monster From Outer Space" Talbott.

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