Friday, February 24, 2012

Day #21,982

KM 9949-9951: running errands

Movie #1968: The Long Haul (1957, Ken Hughes)

They broke the #1 rule of plotting here: you can't have all flawed characters and still expect the audience to have a rooting interest in the outcome.
Otherwise, wonderfully directed by Ken Hughes. Especially good was the driving a truck across country bit where he uses his best "Wages Of Fear" moves.
And yes, Diana Dors was in this one too.

Movie #1969: I Hate But Love (1962, Koreyoshi Kurahara)

Oddball road movie that's way ahead of it's time. TV star decides to drop everything he's doing in order to drive a jeep to a doctor in Kyushu. First he is sued for breach of contract but then the TV execs realize this is a great opportunity for a hit reality show. Right to the end, the media tries to direct the lives of the main characters. But, the TV star rejects them and then finally his girlfriend/manager rejects them too. They tell the doctor and his girlfriend to reject TV also.
It's 50 years after this movie was made and now everyone is jumping at the chance to be in a reality TV show.

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