Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day #21,965

Walk km 9790-9791: running errands
Walk km 9791-9794: to T&T
Walk km 9794-9797: to Safeway via Coal Harbour

Movie #1949: Four Sided Triangle (1953, Terence Fisher)

I guess there is a certain entertainment value in watched the movie that must assuredly have the most idiotic plot in history.
You see, there's this guy who invents a machine that can reproduce anything exactly. So, when the woman he's crazy about marries someone else, he decides to make an exact copy of her for himself. See the problem with this? Of course. Does anyone else in this movie see the problem? Nope! They may be smart enough to make a machine that can reproduce anything out of thin air but they're too stoopid to see the obvious problem of trying to duplicate a woman who doesn't love you in order that the duplicate will love you. Sheesh!

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